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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

1.      Driver’s Age : Driver should be of minimum age of 21 years old for A – C categories and 23 years old for the rest categories.

2.       Driving license : The Driver must have a valid Driving license issued at least a year ago.

3.       Mehods of Payment:

a.       The use of a Credit card is a necessary guarantee prerequisite for all Car Categories, regardless of the means of payment. The procedure includes pre-approval on the cost of Rental, the Waiver amount of CDW / SCDW (if chosen) as well as the cost of fuel and any other extras (if chosen). The final charge is calculated at the end of the rental period.

b.      Prepaid Reservations Cancellation Policy

- Customers Cancelling their reservation up to 72 hours before pick-up time, will be refunded the full reservation prepaid amount.

- Customers Cancelling their reservation between 72 and 24 hours before pick-up time will be refunded 90% of the reservation prepaid amount.

- Customers Cancelling their reservation less that 24 hours before pick-up time will be refunded 75% of the reservation amount.

- Non-Showed customers, or customers cancelling later that the pick-up time will not be refunded.

4.       Minimum Rental Period : 1 day (24 hours)

5.       Insurance: Prices include the below mentioned Insurance coverages:

a.       In Case of Death or injury of thirds or vehicle passengers except the driver, up to 1.000.000€ per person

b.      In Case of third persons’ property damages (except Aspida vehicle) up to 1.000.000€

c.       In Case of Convertible cars, there is no coverage for Car roofs

6.       Collision Damage Waiver : Prices include Collision damage waiver according to the Car category that has been chosen. Customer’s liability is reduced to 400 Euros for A,B,C, 600 for E,H,F,D,T,N,R, 800 J,W,G, & 1.300 Euros for all remaining categories.

7.       Super Collision Damage Waiver: The Customer can reduce even more his liability to 200 Euros for A,B,C categories with a cost of 10 Euros per day, and to 300 for E,H,F,D,T,N,R, 400 for J,W,G and 500 euros for the remaining categories with a cost of 12 Euros per day.

a.       Regardless of whether the Customer has accepted CDW / LWS, he is held liable to the full restoration of damages caused on wheels, tires as well as the bottom of the car, as well as any damages caused because of violation of traffic code & regulations.

8.       Car Theft (TW): Prices include Car Theft insurance.

9.       Fire and Terrorist Act Coverage : Prices do not include Fire and Terrorist Act coverage. For this Coverage there is an extra charge of 4 Euros per day for A – C Car Categories and 5 Euros per day for the remaining categories

10.   Personal Belongings & Valuables : The Company is not liable for personal belongings / Valuables that were stolen / lost from the vehicle or damaged during an accident

11.   Drivers’ Personal Insurance (PAI): Is offered for 5 Euros per day and covers : The Driver for Death, permanent total or partial disability caused by a road accident up to 17.608,22 Euros and hospitalization up to 1.760,82 Euros

12.   Accident processing fee : The Driver is charged with 15 Euros in case of an accident he is held liable for. This amount is not refundable

13.   Second Driver Surcharge: 4 Euros per Day

14.   Fuel: Is paid by the customer.  Fuelling Service Charge is 12 Euros

15.   Roof Rack : Is provided, following a reservation, with an extra charge of 10 Euros per day

16.   Child Seats : Can be provided – for children up to the age of 5 – following a confirmed reservation with an extra charge of 5 Euros per day

17.   Multilingual GPS System : Can be provided, following a confirmed reservation, with an extra charge of 10 Euros per day

18.   Snow Chains: Can be provided, following a confirmed reservation, with an extra charge of 10 Euros per day

19.   Car Categories :Car models displayed are indicative. The Company holds the right to change the Car mode, without any prior notice to another of the same C.C.

20.   Delivery/ Collection :

a.       To / From our Stations : Free of Charge

b.      Outside our Stations: with an extra charge of 15 Euros for any Car Category per direction within City limits.

c.       For Longer distances there is a charge of 0,50 Euros / klm. For any Car category (minimum charge remains 15 Euros per direction)

d.      Charge for any single Deliver / Collection outside Office Hours (21:00 – 08:00) 25 Euros

21.   Single Direction Rentals within Greece : There is a charge of 0,50 Euros / klm. per direction for any Car Category

22.   Taxes : 23% or 16% depending on the area. Taxesarenotincludedinthepricesdisplayed.

23.   Airport surcharge : 13% for Athens International Airport and 6% for all other National Airports.

24.   Traffic Violations : All fines and consequences because of administrative penalties are incurred by the Customer

25.   Rentals out of Country are prohibited. For any violation, the company holds the right to charge a fine of 5.000 Euros.

26.   Ship Transfer : Is allowed only after prior request by the customer and approval by the company.

27.   Roadside assistance : 24 hours a day

28.   PriceAdjustments: Pricesmaybesubjecttochangewithoutanypriornotice. Prices at the start of the rental will be effective, after approval by the G.N.T.O (Greek National Tourism Organization)

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